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Nomura Alternative Investment Management is a Quantitative and Structured Asset Management company affiliated with Nomura Holdings. NAIM is authorised and regulated by the French Authorité des Marchés Financiers ("AMF") as a UCITS and AIF Manager.

  • Fixed Income Risk Premia

    Aims to deliver the performance of a diversified portfolio of risk premia within the Fixed Income asset class.

  • Cross Asset Trend Following

    Aims to deliver the performance of momentum strategies across asset classes.

  • Equity Volatility Risk Premium

    Aims to deliver an exposure to a portfolio of equity volatility investments, and short-term USD interest rates.

  • Diversified Absolute Return

    The investment objective of the Portfolio is to produce capital growth over the medium-term with controlled level of risk through an exposure to various Alternative Risk Premia captured in currency instruments and fixed income instruments.



Since their launch in 2015 and 2016, our Risk Premia UCITS have received various prestigious awards. This is recognition from the industry of the innovative approach NAIM is taking to deliver distinctive Alternative Risk Premia funds to the investment community. The HFM European Performance Award is the latest of these trophies won by the Nomura VRP UCITS two years in a row (2018 and 2019) in the category "UCITS Alternative Risk Premia".



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