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    The provision of this Key Information Document (KID) as defined in Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014 shall not be, and is not intended to be, a public offer. As an EEA retail investor accessing this KID, you acknowledge that the KID does not represent any public offer in your jurisdiction.

    Nomura and/or connected persons do not accept any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from any direct or indirect use of the information on this website or its content and makes no representations, warranties or undertakings (express or implied) as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or validity of the content. Th information should not be regarded as implying a value for any instruments referenced. Nomura is not soliciting any action based on the information and it should not be considered as an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments or other products which may be mentioned. Any information herein does not constitute a personal recommendation under applicable regulatory rules in the EEA or take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situations or needs of individual investors nor does it constitute tailor made investment advice as this term may be defined under applicable regulations in any jurisdiction. Any views expressed herein may differ from the views offered in Nomura’s independent research reports prepared for investors including retail investors or from views that may be expressed by other financial institutions or market participants on the same subject matter.



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