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    Structured Derivatives and Structured Notes

    Our structured investments platform builds on Nomura recognised intellectual capital and unique Asian market access, providing a range of innovative and flexible solutions for institutional investors and large distributors.

    • Structured Notes with Equity, Rates, Credit or Hybrid payoffs to express tactical and strategic market views (Equity offering is regional, please speak to your Nomura Contact)
    • Quantitative Investment Solutions (QIS), to provide tradable solutions built on our market leading quantitative research, with specific focus on risk premia  and momentum strategies
    • Fund derivatives, to allow investors to benefit from our unique expertise in Fund selections and structuring capabilities
    • Fiduciary Note Programme  to customise credit risk according to Client’s requirements through segregation and ad-hoc selection of collateral assets
    • Nomura Alternative Investment Management (NAIm) to offer a bespoke investment management service providing  fund structuring, portfolio management, risk management, legal and client services

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    Quant Investment Strategies

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    X-Asset Momentum

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    Margin Loans

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    Supplements to the Base Program

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