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    Cyber threat information for our clients

    Fraudulent activity, scams, and unauthorized use of the Nomura brand

    Nomura continues to closely monitor the cyber threats facing the financial services sector. In line with sector trends, we are aware of cyber activity exploiting Nomura’s brand. Potential clients and external individuals have been targeted with fake investment schemes, and redirected to malicious websites and fraudulent social media profiles. In some cases, cyber criminals have attempted to bypass security controls to make contact with them directly via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms. Nomura proactively tracks these evolving threats in order to update our security controls.

    Nomura will never send you details of investments via social media or messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, and we encourage you to remain vigilant of cyber criminals who may contact you in this way. Many messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, have the ability to block or report the malicious contact directly from the mobile app account.

    Please do not:

    • Share your credentials or data, for example user name or password details with anyone else.
    • Register as a member to, or log into, any other website with your Nomura credentials.
    • Reply to any suspicious emails or text messages, or contact the sender.
    • Open suspicious website links or attachments from an untrusted source.

    We take the safety and security of our clients and their data very seriously.

    If you do receive any unsolicited communications relating to the Nomura Group, or browse to a website that asks for your credentials to log in, or suspect you have been targeted in any way as outlined above, please contact us via our feedback form on the website. This will support you in verifying the content of any suspicious communication, pass on details of the suspected fraud attempt to us for further investigation, or simply to report your concerns.

    How to change or reset your Nomura Now password

    If you feel that you have been compromised, we strongly recommend that you take steps as soon as possible to change the password you use to log in to the Nomura Now platform. Please read the following documents for the procedures for how you can manage your password.

    Change your existing password Request a password reset

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